France President, Nicolas Sarkozy Attacked By Onlooker

France President, Nicolas Sarkozy, just experienced a horrific incident a few days ago when he was assaulted by one of onlookers in the city of Brax, Southern of France. He was in the city to attend a meeting with mayors and also to welcome the return of two French hostages freed by the Taliban.

Nicolas Sarkozy smilingly shook hands with the people as suddenly someone pulled his suit collar towards the crowd. As a result he stumbled forward, and his body hit metal barricade separating him from the crowd. Fortunately no harm was done to his body, and the security officers quickly immobilized the attacker and detained him for further query.

See the video below


There have not been any official statements from the police regarding this assault on president, but one of website L’Express quoted a statement from a police officer stating the attacker, Hermann Fuster, 32 years old, challenging the France’s policy in Libya war.

Nicolas Sarkozy has been touring France in a preparation for next year’s Presidential election, and he has been in constant pressure because of his decreasing reputation in his country.

The last time France President in danger was in 2002 when former President Jacques Chirac nearly got shot with a riffle kept inside guitar case.

Presiden Sarkozy has been in the news because of some incidents in the past that put his ability to repress anger on the line. He ever made a statement about the demonstration occurred in suburban area of Paris by calling the young demonstrant as “scums”. In October 2007, he cut short his interview with an American television network CBS and called his press secretary as imbecile. One month later, he was interrupted while giving speech by a protesting fisherman, and as a response he said,”Come down, say the words again!”. He also said to a man that refused handshaking with him by saying “get lost, jerk!”.

In this recent incident, Mr.Sarkozy reportedly wouldn’t prolong and bring the attacker to the court.


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